About Us

Gavin Hadley founded Metal Art & Fabrications in 2015. Gavin’s vision was to produce stunning artistic fabrications. Son of an aircraft engineer, Gavin would always build diverse lego creations, design, draw and also modify cars. Engineering has always been a big passion for him leading him to start his career with an apprenticeship in 1996.

Gavin has worked in a wide variety of welding and fabricating sectors during the past twenty years. His experience includes: fitting out race cars with roll cages, bespoke architectural metalwork, on site installations, turbine engine repair, sheet metal and pipe welding work in the oil and gas sector and building new Aircraft Carriers for the Navy, as a result his skills are second to none.

Metal Art & Fabrications have taken on a diverse and exciting range of artistic fabrications since starting in 2015. They have recently secured new premises to support the expansion of the company, and therefore are very excited about what the future holds.

Our mission

Metal Art and Fabrications mission is to provide the very best customer service. From initial enquiry, through to the finished product (including ongoing client support), we will provide the very best service resulting in our customers feeling valued.

We have the highest quality and pride in our work. No project will leave our workshop until it meets our extremely high standards. Every detail will be checked and double checked during creation, which means you can be confident you will receive the very best product.

We strive to continually improve. Fabricating is all about constant improvement on quality and methods, ensuring the finished product is always 100%. At Metal Art and Fabrications we are always thinking ahead in every task we undertake for you.

Why choose us?

Diversity – we can fabricate almost anything. We offer a diverse range of fabrications from small to Large sculptures, weld art, log burners and bespoke commissions. Anything you can think of we will consider.

Quality – with our experience, and eye for detail, you can be sure your creation will be made to the highest standard. We take the upmost pride in our work.

Service – unlike other companies that simply take your order, we are just as excited about your project as you are. Dependant on project size and location we can even offer installation or a personal delivery service.