Spyro BBQ Commission

We were approached by Activision in Australia with the question β€œWould it be within your scope to bring Spyro to life in metal, possibly to breathe fire and open up to reveal a BBQ?” We spent a few days thinking over how we could meet the requirements and soon realised that it was a challenge we didn’t want to turn down.

In the many weeks it took to bring him to life we used traditional metal working techniques as well as new methods we had to develop to accurately craft the shape of the body. Every part of him had to be just right and correctly scaled to achieve a lifelike 5 foot long replica of Spyro.

With a limited amount of time before the ‘Spyro Reignited Trilogy’ launch, we studied numerous different images and videos to develop a plan to replicate the quite complex shape of the cheeky purple dragon. Activision stated that Spyro’s facial expression was one of the most important features to capture, all in all a huge challenge!

As requested Spyro was designed to breathe fire and a fully functional BBQ is accessible by removing part of his back. Looking at the finished product it’s fair to say we achieved what was asked. He is by far our most challenging but coolest (or hottest) project to date, to see him finished and in action was the best reward! Shortly after completion Spyro was the star of a filming session on the banks of the River Thames before being shipped to Australia where he was a hugely popular attraction at the recent PAX gaming event in Melbourne. It was here that he demonstrated his impressive fire breathing and barbecuing capabilities.

Feedback from Activision as well as the public that have seen him has been phenomenal, making the dedication and many hours that were put into making him extremely worthwhile. We can’t wait for the next big challenge!





Ella’s Memory Tree – Attachment of the leaves

Back in May last year I was approached by a local charity – Ella’s Memory about commissioning a Stainless steel Memory tree to install at The Royal Cornwall Hospital.

Ella’s Memory was a charity set up by Martyn and Emmillie Selley after suffering the tragic loss of their stillborn girl Ella.

The great work they have done through the charity has seen a suite and garden in the hospital refurbished, to try and provide a more homely setting for any parents tragically suffering the loss of a stillborn baby.

The tree was installed in October last year, shortly followed by a service where parents could request a leaf to hang on the tree in memory.

So far nearly 100 leaves have been attached on to the tree, in 3 different leave designs in 3 different metals (Copper, Stainless steel and Brass)

Thanks go to Lasermaster of Redruth for the discounted supply of the leaves, also to Righton of Saltash for the discounted supply of Stainless steel.