Ella’s Memory Tree Update

Ella's Memorial Tree

Saturday the 29th of October was a big day for Ella’s Memory and myself, it was the installation of the Memory Tree to the Daisy Suite Memorial Garden at The Royal Cornwall Hospital. It was an emotional day, Martyn, myself and the hospital staff who look after the Daisy suite were quite touched at seeing it go in to the garden.

The 1st of December, what would have been Ella’s 7th birthday, will see the official ceremony and launch of the memory leaf project. Parents that have suffered the sad loss of a stillborn child can have a metal leaf engraved with a message that will then be put on the tree.

It is a great honour working for such an amazing charity, Martyn and Emmillie Selley have done and continue to do a fantastic job not only offering support but renovating and maintaining the Daisy Suite.

You can read more about Ella’s Memory here


Ella's Memorial Tree

Ella’s Memory Tree

Memorial Tree

We are quite touched here at Metal Art and fabrications to be asked to do a very special project for a local charity called Ella’s Memory.

A charity setup by Martyn and Emmillie Selley to offer support to parents who have tragically lost a baby.

I was recommended by a friend to Martyn who was looking for someone to make a stainless steel memorial tree for their memorial garden at The Royal Cornwall hospital.

After a few meetings with Martyn and a visit to a memorial garden, designs and ideas were discussed and we are now fabricating a 2 meter tree that will be highly polished and coloured using heat to give a rainbow effect.

Memorial Tree

The tree will have pre drilled holes to mount laser cut leaves, in a variety of materials. each leaf will have a childs name and a a message engraved on it.

We will be finishing the tree this month and hopefully installing it too.