Bespoke Santa Maria (Argentine) BBQ Grills


£3995 (Starting price)

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Our Santa Maria (Argentine) Grills are the best quality bespoke grills on the market. Manufactured using marine grade stainless steel they are beautiful to look at and built to last. We primarily use 316 grade stainless steel whereas most other manufacturers use lower grade 304. The main advantages being that 316 grade is more corrosion resistant, easier to maintain and longer lasting.

Traditionally, the cooking grill of a Santa Maria, also referred as an Argetine barbecue is raised and lowered using a turning wheel connected to a steel cable. We have vastly improved this design with the use of sprockets and chains. This results in a much more robust and aesthetically pleasing mechanism that has been described by our customers as 'A work of Art' and 'A stunning design'.

A recent upgrade means the sprockets and chain are all now Stainless Steel.

These magnificent barbecues can be made to your requirements, as a 'Drop-in' or 'stand-alone' unit. You can specify grill size, door arrangements, side or rear feed Brasero, worktops and splash-backs. If you don't require a customised barbecue you are more than welcome to buy one of our established 'off the shelf' designs.

Prices start from £3995 for the 'Cayenne' model shown in the 3rd photo.

If you would like to discuss requirements or have any questions please feel free to call or email.