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Any commission ideas you have we can make a reality!

Whether you are an Architect looking for a large bespoke piece for a clients Hotel lobby, a designer needing someone to fabricate your vision, or just someone looking for a bespoke Sculpture or Artwork for your garden, we can make this happen.

The Memory Tree project was a vision of a local charity, we made this in Stainless Steel with leaves in different metals Laser engraved.

From small pieces of Weld Art, to Stainless Steel trees, we will consider any commission. We can work with Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper and Corten Steel. We can heat Metal to different colours, mirror polish Stainless Steel and weather steel to create truly stunning works of art.

Over the next few months we have customer commissions to create as well as personal projects, photos of these will be uploaded here.