Dalek log burner BBQ


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Product type Dalek Log burner BBQ
Weight 40kg
Height 110cm
Width 60cm
Depth 80cm

The Dalek was an idea and a request from a very good friend who said 'Can you build a Dalek log burner?' Challenge accepted!

This took lots of hours to perfect, wanting to make sure each and every detail was as close as possible to the real thing! By spending lots of time on finishing there are only a few small places were you can see any welding.

The back panel hinges open to reveal a log store, which gets warm when the logs are burning but is seperated by 3 layers of steel. The top rotates 360 degrees and the plunger even unscrews to use as a fire stoker.

This one is 60% of the size but it is possible to build these bigger.

Currently there is a 14 week lead time for our products.