Land Rover Defender log burner BBQ



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Product type Car log burner
Weight 30kg
Height 75cm
Width 45cm
Depth 75cm

Custom Land Rover Defender Log Burner BBQ's.

Prices from £545 for a basic clear lacquered Defender, the Blue one shown £695.

This was a commission for a customer who wanted something rather special as a surprise present for her partners birthday. We were approached and asked if we could replicate his own Defender, of course we said yes!

Several pictures later and the challenge started.

This is both a BBQ and a log burner. Access to the logs/coal is by the hinged back door and the roof hinges open to reveal a Stainless steel cooking grill.

We couldn't make a 4 wheel drive without making it so that all 4 wheels do turn, it is a Log Rover BBQ that will conquer the ground without the need to lift it to move it!

We applied our usual design and development techniques that we do for custom vehicle builds but applied a few new fabrication techniques to get the contours and radius of the roof and bodywork so it looks just like on the full size Defender.

We welcome any custom requests to build your Defender as close as we can to yours, paint colours, snorkels, roof racks, different wheels or anything else.

Currently there is an 10 week lead time for this item.

Overseas customers are responsible for any Customs/Duty charges